Introducing Magni-Fi:



Every device. Every room. Every time.
Whole-home Wi-Fi from BEAM
connects it all intelligently.

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If You Have a
Lot of Devices

Magni-Fi learns when—and where—you use
your gadgets. Then it uses artificial
to push extra bandwidth for
best-in-class connectivity, automatically.

Pretty intelligent, right?

Group of people

If You Want
Extra Security

You can block specific websites or
control access to certain devices.
Perfect for parents and businesses!


If You Need
More Control

Schedule an internet freeze
for the screens you want, when you want.

Group of people

If You Like
Saving Money

Magni-Fi whole-home Wi-Fi starts at
$15 a month if you have your own modem.
Requires BEAM high-speed internet service.

Why is Magni-Fi “intelligent”? +

Lots of reasons:

  • Magni-Fi uses artificial intelligence to learn your internet usage habits and automatically delivers more speed and bandwidth where it’s needed
  • Parental controls, guest access management and enhanced cybersecurity for each device
  • Real-time insights as to which devices are being used by whom and for how long
How easy is Magni-Fi to install? +

Very. You’ll be up and running in 15 minutes when you follow some simple instructions.

What are Magni-Fi pods? +

These are Wi-Fi extenders that deliver stronger signals throughout your home.

How many Magni-Fi pods do I need? +

Two is usually enough. If your home or office has more than 2,500 square feet, we suggest adding more.

Are Magni-Fi connections secure? +

Magni-Fi technology uses the latest encryption to protect your online activity from ransomware, malware and crypto-mining.